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Who Needs Life Insurance Course

In this course, we will examine some of the many reasons why individuals at various stages or situations of life will need to buy life insurance.

  • Four sessions
  • Understand why everyone needs life insurance
  • Keeping it simple to prospect

One-Time Charge Unlimited Course Access for 30 Days
Just Life – Life Events Resulting in Need for Life Insurance

This abbreviated course discusses the need for a review of insurance coverage when different life events occur. When life changes, so must one’s insurance programs.

  • 3 High Impact Video Sessions
  • Understand Life Events Impact
  • Obtain More Referrals
  • Discussion Points for Meeting

One-Time Charge Unlimited Course Access for 30 Days
Opportunities in Mentoring Course

In this course we address many of the opportunities and benefits of being part of a mentor-mentee relationship.

  • 3 High Impact Sessions
  • Benefits of the Mentoring
  • Mentoring Opportunities

One-Time Charge Unlimited Course Access for 30 Days
Overview of Social Security Course

This course begins to explain Social Security Retirement Benefits, what is it, how does one qualify to receive it. Also, we’ll look at the spousal benefits.

  • Four Engaging Sessions
  • History of Social Security
  • Spousal Benefits
  • What is Social Security

One-Time Charge Unlimited Course Access for 30 Days
Overview of The Role of Life Insurance Course

This course takes a look at the unique and important role and function life insurance plays in the lives of individuals, families and businesses in benefiting the policyholders and their survivors.

  • Three Important Sessions
  • Role of Life Insurance
  • Valuing Human Life
  • Protecting Against Common Risk

One-Time Charge Unlimited Course Access for 30 Days
Basics of Insurance Products Course

This course will look at the protection-based products, primarily life insurance, which are common in today’s marketplace.

  • 4 High Impact Sessions
  • Term Insurance
  • Permanent Life
  • Long Term Care & Disability

One-Time Charge Unlimited Course Access for 30 Days
Overview of Annuities Course – Taxation and Transfers

In this Annuities Course, we will gain a strong insight into taxation of annuities, taking into account many of the different situations which may cause taxation.  We will then learn about 1035 exchanges.

  • Four Engaging Sessions
  • Understanding of Annuity Taxation
  • 1035 Exchanges - Tax Free Transfers

One-Time Charge Unlimited Course Access for 30 Days
What Happens When Someone Dies

In this course, we look at what happens when someone dies, which includes the many costs, expenses – both expected & unexpected, as well as the delays which everyone faces.

  • Four High Impact Sessions
  • Costs & Challenges When Someone Dies
  • Probate, Costs, and Wills

One-Time Charge Unlimited Course Access for 30 Days
Overview of Managing Business Risk Course

In this course, we give you an overview one of the most common risk that small businesses face, that of the loss of a business partner or owner due to death or disability.

  • Four High Impact Sessions
  • Risks Facing Business Owners
  • Buy Sell Arrangements
  • Key Person Coverage

One-Time Charge Unlimited Course Access for 30 Days
Understanding the Basics of Investing Course

In this course, you gain an understanding of and how to explain fundamental investing concepts and terms which impacts today’s investor and savers.

  • 4 High Impact Sessions
  • Understanding Cost Basis
  • Simple vs Compound Interest
  • Why Diversification is Essential

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